Why Rajamouli will not air Baahubali's songs before film's release

  • Shalvi Mangaokar, None, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jun 12, 2015 14:47 IST

Since songs act as marketing tools for films, and shooting them can be quite an expensive affair, most filmmakers launch the music videos of their upcoming films way before the final release takes place, to create buzz about the project. But apparently, Telugu director SS Rajamouli has decided against airing the video of a big-budget song from his upcoming film Baahubali on TV, prior to its theatrical release.

A source says, "All the tracks in the movie are shot at picturesque locations. One of them was particularly expensive to shoot. The director will not release the video of this one song."

Apparently, Rajamouli wants the audience to watch the video only on the big screen. "It's a romantic song that is shot against the backdrop of a waterfall. He is making sure that it is not aired on TV before the film releases as he feels that watching it on the small screen might not do justice to its visuals. He feels the experience would be better when it's watched on the big screen."

Earlier, filmmaker Aditya Chopra also did the same for his 2013 film, Dhoom: 3. Some of the tracks from the film were not aired on TV before the film released in theatres.

When contacted, Rajamouli confirmed the news.

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