Filmmaker criticises National Awards

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  • Updated: Mar 09, 2012 11:43 IST

Oomakkul Padumbol

Debutant Malayalam film director Sidheeque Chennamangallur voiced doubts over the 'mystery' behind exclusion of his film Oomakkul Padumbol for the national awards and alleged that the regional jury had not selected it for the competition.

Speaking to reporters, Sidheeque alleged that the regional jury, which selects films for competing for the national award, had excluded his film.

"What was the yardstick adopted by the regional jury for ignoring my film?" he asked and demanded that they clarify it.

The film is even now running successfully for the fourth week at seven centres in North Malabar, he said, adding that he would submit complaints to the National jury and State cultural department for not considering the film for competition.

"I did not make this film with the aim of an award," he concluded.

Sidheeque also demanded the jury to clarify on the number of people in the regional jury's panel, number of film entries and number of films that were excluded.


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