Gujarat in The Good Road offends filmmakers

  • The Good Road has been selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.

  • The Good Road has won the award for Best Gujarati film at the 60th National Film Awards.

  • A still from the film The Good Road.

  • The Good Road is told in a hyperlink format, where several stories are intertwined with the center of the action being a highway in the ...

  • The Good Road stars Ajay Gehi and Sonali Kulkarni among others.

  • The Good Road is the first Gujarati film ever selected to represent India at the Oscars.

  • The Good Road tells 3 stories which are interlinked.

  • The Good Road was selected out of 20 films initially submitted to the Film Federation of India for consideration for the Oscars.

  • Sonali Kulkarni on The Good Road chosen as India's official Oscar entry: “This is my first film that has gone to the Oscars. I’m going ...

  • A still from the film The Good Road.

Several Gujarati filmmakers including Abhilash Ghoda, Deepak Antani and writer-lyricist Vinay Dave aren't happy with the selection of The Good Road as India's official entry for Oscars because of the concept of the film.

There has been an ongoing debate over the film ever since The Good Road was selected as India's official Oscar entry by the jury. Several people who loved The Lunchbox took to Twitter to vent out their feelings - even people who hadn't watched The Good Road.

Now, Gujarati filmmaker Abhilash Dave has invited the youth from his Facebook account to join him in the mission "Stop The Good Road for Oscar".  

Abhilash Ghoda told, "The Good Road was released silently, without any publicity in a single show to qualify for Oscar, after 18 months of its official release. We are sensing something dicey is being cooked. After 'Slum Dog Millionaire" Once again a wrong image of India and specially Gujarat and Kutch is being presented  to the world, with a clear cut objective of spoiling Gujarat's name."

The filmmaker further added, "The controversial film (The Good Road) made out of NFDC's huge budget, receives National Award first and then immediately, it is announced for Oscar nomination, with definite and deliberate malafied intentions. (sic)"

The Good Road shows child prostitution in the interiors of Kutch and stars Ajay Gehi, Sonali Kulkarni, Keval Katrodia, Shamji Dhana Kerasia among many others.

In a letter to the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification), Ghoda has questioned the grounds on which The Good Road was certified for public exhibition. The filmmaker wrote, " The Board doesn't allow Animals, Smoking and Drinking scenes and asks to put titles that 'It is not good for Health.' Are the underage girl Prostitution market scenes are not injurious to Social Health?" Concerned that the film brings out a false image of Gujarat, he further wrote in the letter, "The film has been made with the deliberate intention to show wrong image of Kutch and Gujarat." READ THE LETTER

Ghoda earlier said that any Gujarati who believes Gujarat is child prostitution free state should protest the choice of The Good Road for Oscars entry.

Gujarati film writer Vinay Dave posted on Facebook, "On 24/09/13, those who are associated with Gujarati film industry, protested against the nomination (of) Gujarati film "THE GOOD ROAD" for OSCARS," along with a few pictures of the protest. 

The Gujarati filmmaker also plans to take the protest to Delhi and Mumbai, his posts on the social networking site suggested.


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