We enjoy Rajini jokes over dinner, discloses his wife Latha Rajinikanth

  • Medha Shri Dahiya, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: May 01, 2014 11:36 IST

Latha Rajinikanth (Photo: Waseem Gashroo)

She is the better half of the cult ­phenomenon called Rajinikanth. Latha Rajinikanth, — a film producer, singer and ­philanthropist — evidently has a lot more to her than just being superstar Rajinikanth’s wife.

However, when you get the rare chance to meet the 54-year-old, you can’t stop thinking about all those epic jokes on the 63-year-old actor. Yes, she has heard them.

“We get to know of everything that happens around him on social media,” Latha smiles, adding, “I take it very positively. I don’t think those are jokes, those are tributes by his fans to his greatness. They attribute grandness and greatness to him, and it’s very kind of the people.” She further says that the “love we have got is divine blessing”.

And, the entire family enjoys the jokes over dinner. “People send something or the other to us on Rajini. We read it to each other and enjoy it and share laughs. It’s very creative and imaginative of people to treat him like that,” she says. Her favourite joke on him? “I don’t remember, there are so many!”

Both Mr and Mrs Rajinikanth have had quite a filmy life themselves. The two first met when Latha interviewed Rajini for a college magazine in 1980, and he popped the question to her halfway through it! “And in a few months, we were ­married,” she says.

Heard these?
1) When Alexander Bell invented the telephone, he already had 3 missed calls from Rajinikanth
2) Only Rajinikanth has 32 wisdom teeth
3) Harvard got its MBA from Rajinikanth
4) Rajinikanth does not need a watch, he decides what time it is
5) When God watched Robot, he said, “Oh my Rajinikanth!”
6) Rajinikanth once wrote a cheque, the bank bounced!
7) Only Rajinikanth can kiss his own a***

And they’re still going as strong, says Latha, adding that she often cooks for her husband as he loves homemade food. And, despite being in public view all the time, they have managed to stay humble and raise kids who are equally humble.

“Both of us have a spiritual bent of mind and a very traditional upbringing. We belong to a generation of values. When my daughters (Aishwarya, 32, and Soundarya, 29) were growing up, they didn’t know about their father’s stardom. And when they were old enough to understand that, they were already wise human beings,” says Latha, who makes it a point to watch her husband’s film “first day, first show”.

While Aishwarya, married to actor Dhanush, has established herself as a director, Soundarya is making her directorial debut with Kochadaiyaan, starring Rajnikanth and Deepika Padukone. Interestingly, Latha has also sung a song in the film.


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