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Women safety: End this shame

It’s a matter often discussed in drawing rooms, but seldom does it lead to introspection. HT invites readers — male and female — to write in with their experiences, personal and witnessed, of sexual harassment. You can choose to keep your identity hidden, and try to write in not over 250 words. Keep in mind, each story will add to the collective consciousness of a society that needs cleansing. Play your part. Write, in confidence, to

Do you think only extending visa on arrival to more countries will get more tourists to India?

India is all set to extend visa on arrival facilitiy to 40 more countries

Sachin retires: pay your tributes

Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar announced on Thursday he would retire after playing his 200th cricket Test match next month. Pay your tributes to the legend here and we will tweet them to him!

Should voting be made mandatory for all citizens?

In the coming days, when five states go to polls, how important do you think your vote will mean in bringing a change in the country.

Have you encountered Gurgaon-like incidents? Share your views

Gurgaon is a battleground for auto gangs. A few days back, a group of young women were caught in the middle of warring autorickshaw gangs and were threatened with rape. If you also have encountered such incidents, in Gurgaon or elsewhere, share your thoughts here.

Are the 2013 Assembly elections a prelude to Lok Sabha elections?

In four of the five states going into assembly elections this year, the big fight is between the Congress and BJP. Will these state election results establish the BJP as front -runner, or does the Congress still have a chance?

HT hits the refresh button, what do you think of it?

Hindustan Times has changed the layout of the newspaper, making it more reader friendly. What do you have to say about it?

Are you an acid attack victim? Do you know an acid attack victim? Tell us your story.

Acid causes severe physical, psychological and social scarring, and victims are often left with no legal recourse and limited access to medical or psychological assistance. If you are an acid attack victim, or if you know an acid attack victim, have your say and tell us your story.

Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh dies. Pay tribute to the national award winner here.

Rituparno Ghosh, one of the most talented young film directors of the country, died at his home in Kolkata around 7.30am on May 30. The multiple awards winning filmmaker was 49. Pay your tributes here.

Which is better reading -- print or digital?

As people are getting tech savvy, it would be good to know that age old habit of reading books in physical form is going to sustain or not.

Which are the five best beaches in India?

India offers beaches from Gujarat to Maharashtra, from Kerala to Tamil Nadu, let us see what is your pick when it comes to lazing out on the beach?

Tremors felt in north India: share your experiences of the quake

A major 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Iran near the border with Pakistan today and tremors were felt in India and Gulf states. Share your experiences of the earthquake.

Is Prachi Desai a fine actress?

Prachi Desai impressed with her debut performance in Rock On! But does she have it in her to become bi-league?

Tell us how you think Delhi can move past its hurdles

Over the next four weeks, we will examine if and how our city can meet its growing water and power demands, unclog its choking roads and manage its piling waste. Tell us how you think Delhi's future can be secured.
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