5 common examples: what she says is not what she means

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  • Updated: Jun 24, 2014 16:38 IST

Listen up, gentlemen! Conventional wisdom suggests that it is easier to make your girl shed her clothes than reading her mind correctly. Blame it on mood swings or the complexes she is forever fighting with, your girlfriend is a bundle of contradictions and the success of your relationship hinges on how smart you are with decoding her mind (read, what she says). We give you 5 key things most women say but mean something totally different.

She says: 'I'm not upset'
What she means:Of course she is! And she wants you to make her feel better.
Guys, beware. At this point, she is a simmering volcano just waiting to explode and you could get caught in it. When she says she is not upset, she definitely wants you to make her feel better. In other words, she wants to restart the discussion both of you left half-way in the morning about how you were flirting (safely, you'd insist) with her best friend. Her 'I am not upset' is a clear indication that she wants you to bring up the topic, back off, and assure her it was just a one-off transgression on your part. When she says she is fine, start thus: 'I know you too well and I know you are not fine. I want to help you and sort this situation out, but I can't until you let me know what is wrong." This will mellow her down a bit, and that's your cue to minimize the damage.

She says: 'It's up to you'
What she means:It's definitely not up to you. She gets to take the call, like always.
This is a test and your love for her will be measured on the basis of what you decide eventually. If you, like a dumb lover, think she has let you decide and go with your friends to the pub, get prepared for the showdown once you are back. However, if you are smarter and do something that will show her how much you care for her… well, you've definitely hit the jackpot.

She says: 'You don't care'
What she means:She wants you to be more vocal about your feelings.
When she says 'You don't care', she actually wants you to realize that you haven't pampered her for a long time. Next time you hear her saying this, shower your girl with all the attention you can and she'll feel reassured.


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She says: 'Am I fat?'
What she wants to hear: A loud and clear 'NO'.
When she asks if she is fat, a monosyllabic 'no' from you won't suffice. Because she probably already knows that she is fat. What she wants to know is whether you think she is fat or not! In other words, she also wants to know if you find her attractive or not. The next time she asks you this question, tell her – without batting your eyelid – that she is far, far away from being called fat… and that she's the prettiest woman you've ever come across in your life.

She says: 'I don't feel like having sex with you right now'
What she means:You've upset me.
If your girl says that she is not in a mood to make out with you, it's your cue to raise the red flag. Mind the 'with you' part of your sentence! What she means is that you've done something wrong and stay away until you've made it up to her.

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