5 Indian cities you must visit as a single in 2015

  • Siddharth Mangharam, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 10, 2015 18:27 IST

As is attested by many, the best way to discover yourself is to travel solo. And what better way to do so, in your very own country.

In fact, travelling solo, when you think about it, is a lot like going on a first date. It's exciting, nerve-wracking, and by the end of it, you'll have plenty of stories to narrate once you've taken that daunting little step, and leapt off that scary ledge.

Here are 5 exciting places for singles to travel to in 2015:

1 The Andamans: Picture-perfect memories are what the Andamans are made up of. With its aquamarine hues, silky sands and gorgeous views, the Andamans are home to a number of islands and beaches, popular among them is the Havelock Island. Unwind and relax, and indulge in some island-hopping. Or head out for a classic deep sea dive, for some fantastic underwater views. Alternately, head out for a lazy snorkel or kayak session.


Island of Havelock in the Andamans (Photo: Shutterstock)

2Rishikesh: While Rishikesh is considered to be a place of holy pilgrimage, it also has a non-religious side to it - one of adventure. White water rafting, sleeping under the stars and camping beside the mighty Ganga is what makes Rishikesh, a go-to destination for adrenalin-seeking junkies, and is a popular hot spot among single thrill-seeking travelers. Added bonus: It does not matter if you are a pro or an amateur.

3 Munnar: If high-octane adventures aren't your thing, then head to the quiet and peaceful, rolling and lush tea gardens of Munnar to relax and rejuvenate with, of course, a hot cup of freshly brewed tea. Home to some lovely hiking and cycling trails, this serene hill station in Kerala is a sight to behold; even more so when the famous once-in-12-years Kurinji flower blooms.


Tea plantations of Munnar (Photo: Shutterstock)

4 Pondicherry: For something mellow and laidback, head to the French Riviera of the East, aka Pondicherry. This friendly city is charming, quaint and a haven for singles. Take a stroll or cycle through the French quarters where large-sized windows fixed on yellow-hued colonial-styled houses are permanent fixtures, as are a number of quaint cafes and restaurants. Don't forget to head to the main Promenade for a stroll by the seaside. Head out to Auroville, and soak in the sights and sounds. Alternately, opt to volunteer with them.

5 Leh-Ladakh: For a slice of heaven on earth, and some solitude, head to the incredible stark beauty that is Leh-Ladak. Thanks to the final scene in 3 idiots, Pangong Lake became the go-to place, and for good reason. Do not miss this ridiculously breathtaking lake with its myriad of blue and green hues. Pro Tip: Get your special permit from the Leh admin offices. Without which, you cannot enter as it's a restricted area.

Siddharth Mangharam is an expert on relationships and co-founder of Floh.in, a curated network that connects singles in real life.

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