5 reasons why having a crush is actually bad for you

  • Divya Makhija, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 10, 2014 16:43 IST

Oh, so you're having a crush? You really like the person, but that lovely feeling is disturbing your life? He/she has become an obsession?

Having a crush is great when you're in school. Well, then it's still cute and more often than not, after two weeks, it's over. If anything it adds excitement and emotions in your life.

But when you're all grown up and it's someone you see all the time, say a colleague or a neighbour, it's much harder to get over, isn't it? How could it not be? After all, you see them more often than not and sometimes even if you try avoiding them you just can't.

So, here we are, busting that crush 'bubble' and telling you how contrary to common belief, having a crush is actually bad for you. Here's how.


1 Embarrassing for both of you
It's only normal that if your crush knows how you feel about him/ her, he/she feels embarrassed. Why? Because you keep staring at him/her! Don't lie! And that makes it embarrassing for you too, because you know he/she knows what you're thinking (which is quite obvious if you stare at someone for most part of the day). It gets worse when the person refuses to react to your feelings.

2 You want to be wherever that person is
You begin going to the places he/she goes, whether it's at work, the gym or the mall. You don't think twice before making the effort to travel or take time out from work, just to see that one person. Sometimes, you even sacrifice your sleeping hours or an important date with a friend, simply to feats your eyes on his/her cute smile.

3 You end up becoming a stalker, almost
You follow your crush everywhere - in real life and even on social networking sites (read Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and keep on checking his/her photos, status and posts. More often than not, you find yourself doing this a dozen times a day times a day and feel jealous of every girl/boy he/she is interacting with.

4 You become over-conscious
Doesn't it happen that when your crush is around you, you become too conscious? You try to act cool and pretend you have not noticed him/her. But boy, you fail every time? If anything, you end up acting like a love-sick puppy with that look-at-me-looking-at-you look on your face. Not to forget, you get up an hour early everyday to find the perfect dress and matching shoes, so you can show him/her how perfect you are!

5 You are distracted as a person
You fantasize how he/she would walk up to you and say, "Hey, I really like you, let's go out somewhere?" Forget that. You spend hours imagining how he/she would say a simple 'hi'. You even begin imagining what your first date would be like - complete with what you will wear and where you'll meet him/her. And all that imaging is taking a toll on your work, relationships and on you. Obviously!

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