5 simple tips to make a long distance relationship work

  • Divya Makhija, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 14, 2014 14:56 IST

Are you one of those who believe long distance relationships stand no chance? You think the bond will die sooner than later and that investing in such a relationship is nothing but a waste of time and energy?

Well, we're not saying it's easy - the extra distance makes many things unachievable - but what we are saying is that it's still possible. Sure, things do get complicated at times and you may feel lonely too, but long distance relationships can work wonderfully well too. But yes, such relationships are different from the regular relationship, and deserve special care.

Here are some tips to stay connected and keep the romance going between you and your partner.

1 Stay connected - It's very important in a long distance relationship to remind each other that you exist and you want to be there for one another. Since you won't be seeing each other that often, it's important to keep the connectivity going. Use an instant messenger and web cam for visual connection. Photos, videos, emails - keep them going.

2 Visits each other whenever possible -Try to make time to time travel cities, states and countries even, if you want the your partner to want and need you. Understand the thumb rule of all relationships - no relationship can thrive only on phone calls. You need to see each other and be together in person. And when you meet, don't forget to make your dates special by dressing up a little and planning something romantic.

3 Exchange gifts - who doesn't like gifts? The more the merrier, especially in a relationship. So, keep the gifts, small and expensive, coming. Never forget to add a cute message with the gift. this will go a long way and remind your partner that you want to surprise them from time to time.

4 Trust your partner -Trust is the most important thing in any relationship and long distance relationships are no different. In fact, trust is the single most important thing in a long distance relationship. Without it a relationship, no matter how long, just sustain itself. So, steer clear of irritate each other and becoming a victim of unnecessary suspicion. We understand that you both are miles apart but that doesn't mean you need to know every little detail of your partner's life. Give him/her space and they will love you more for it.

5 Know each other's schedule - It's important and helpful to know when he/she is busy and when he/she is free, so that you can drop a message or call without disturbing him/her. It'll help in better communication and make lives easier for both of you.

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