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Are you a sensitive person?

sex-and-relationships Updated: Jun 18, 2012 17:47 IST
Shweta Kansara
Shweta Kansara
Hindustan Times
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Do you feel hurt more often than usual and end up sulking or even crying? Take the following quiz and find out if you are a sensitive person:

1) If I make an awkward mistake in public:
a. I feel bad and can never forgive myself for it.
b. I feel a little ashamed but soon forget about it.
c. I feel such things happen and it doesn’t matter.

2) When I get upset with something:
a. I can never calm down easily.
b. I take my own time to cool off.
c.I get over it pretty quick.

3) If I’m criticised by someone:
a. I get easily hurt rather than benefitting from the feedback.
b. I learn from it though it may upset me at times.
c. I don’t pay much attention to them.

4) When I’ve to deal with small obstacles in my life:
a. I get bothered.
b. I try to overcome them.
c. They hold very little. importance to me.

5) I feel disappointed by my loved ones and friends:
a. Quite often..
b. Occasionally.
c. Rarely.

6) When I am engaged in an activity and someone interrupts:
a. I tend to get annoyed.
b. I may get distracted but am able to focus on work again.
c. It doesn’t affect me much.

Most a’s
You are a very sensitive person. Others may not understand your nature and hence you may feel they hurt you. This can lead to inter-personal conflicts.

Most b’s
You are an emotionally stable person. You reason out your feelings and this helps you to deal with emotional situations well. You react appropriately.

Most c’s
You are strong and a realistic person. You like to keep your feelings independent of external situations. You have strong control over your emotions, which gives you a good state of mind. However, you may sometimes appear unmoved and cynical.

Do’s and dont’s
Build a support system and share your feelings with someone close to you
Find a role model — someone whom you can observe and learn from. Try to emulate the qualities that help them to remain emotionally stable.
Don’t take things personally — the world is not conspiring to hurt you.