Because it is possible: Five super easy tricks to ace your profile pic

  • Richi Malhotra, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 16, 2015 18:25 IST

In the age of digitisation, instant photography and quick online sharing are making us all polish our photography skills daily. But, if you are not filter-savvy and despise using phone apps to correct your clicks, some easy tricks can help you land the perfect profile picture.

“Understand your body well to highlight its stand-out features. Maintain correct posture and try clicking from various angles,” suggests fashion photographer Bijoy Vijayraghavan.

Photographer Praveen Bhatt adds: “Technically speaking, ensure that you avoid overhead lighting, otherwise you’ll wind up with dark shadows under your eyes.” Here are some easy tricks to ace your next photo:

1 Signature smile
Practice by taking as many photos you need, so that you know your signature smile. Decide whether flashing your teeth or concealing them works for you. This way, if you are under the spotlight at an event, you won’t be disappointed with your pictures.

2 Make it mobile
To avoid looking all posed up in your pictures, bring in some movement. Let your knees, ankles, wrists, elbows and shoulders have a freeway, so that when you are out with your friends, the snaps don’t look fabricated. Show that you are having fun.

3 Candid cam
Pose angular to add shadows and depth to the ­photos. Looking right into the camera can make your pictures fall flat.

4 Step it up
Keep one of your legs forward and lean slightly while posing. Doing so will shift your weight to the back leg and add dimension to your body. Standing in an all-attention position doesn’t help.

5 The worst angle
Never take any photos from below. Taking a photo where the subject is perched much higher than your ­camera is not a good idea.

* Quick selfie hacks

Here are some easy steps to get that perfect selfie.

a) When clicking selfies, tilt your face in a way that doesn’t make you appear as if you have more than one chin. The angle ­matters here — tilt your phone cam to know what works for you.
b) Shoot from the above by holding your camera/phone at an arm’s length to accentuate the jaw.
c) Play with light and get the right exposure to enhance your face-cut. Sun-kissed photos come out really well, but the sun shouldn’t hide your face structure.
d) Angle your face away from the centre, toward the top-left or top-right. Most of us have a ‘best side’, which is easy to figure out from your previous pictures.
e) Keep still and try to click without making your arms wobbly. Take a deep breath, relax and pose.
f) As they say, the more the merrier. So, don’t stop after the first selfie. Keep clicking until you find the best shot of yourself. It will be worth the effort.
g) Use filters, go vintage with a sepia tint or try going black and white for a classic click.
h) Invest in a selfie-stick. It’s a smart way to capture backgrounds, which otherwise might get lost in a selfie.

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