Nine heartwarming Father’s Day illustrations that say it all

  • Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 19, 2016 11:46 IST
Here are nine heartwarming illustrations of Indian dads that say it all and will give you your happy cry for today. (Say It All )

We all like to imagine our childhood as an idyllic time full of love, gentle guidance, and hair braiding.

That’s not the reality for everyone, unfortunately, but if you’re lucky enough to have parents who spend time with you, some of the illustrations from a blog will tug your heartstrings.

These illustrations by Say It All Gifts cover the gamut of sickeningly sweet daddy/daughter relationships without ever getting too treacly.

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In these drawings, we follow the adventures of a typical Indian father with a tie and moustache (We aren’t sure whether it’s to make him more manly or just plain Indian, but it works!) and his tiny baby girl.

These drawings illustrate this special and tender love between a father and his little girl (who will always be his little girl, even when she’s 40!) in the most exquisite way. Because as far as we know, dads are always ready to protect us from anything - whether it’s the bullies at school or the monsters under our beds.

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So, here are nine heartwarming illustrations of Indian dads that say it all and will give you your happy cry for today. (Guys, bring out the tissues now!)

1 Dads are never afraid of doing impossible things for us. Not leaving your side when you are sick, for example.

2 Dads use their lifetime to protect and love their daughters.

3 It’s always so hard for dads to let go off their daughters, even when they are married and have kids of their own!

4 They’re always ready to have fun!

5 When you’re with daddy you always feel like you’re on the top of the world.

6 Dads help us deal with something really difficult.

7 Dads always find the time to drop us to school/college/office/friend’s place/office/home, even when they’re very busy.

8 Dads are so warm and cosy.

9 They know exactly what kids want/enjoy/need.

Do these illustrations bring back memories for anyone else?

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