Biggest pleasure in the world? Not sex, but being on a vacation: Survey

  • AFP
  • Updated: Nov 12, 2014 14:47 IST

Being on vacation topped a list of pleasures, edging out birthdays and finding money that was thought to be lost, in a recent survey conducted by strategic consulting firm Northstar on behalf of travel website

The firm surveyed a group of 7,855 employed adults over the age of 18, hailing from a total of 24 countries.

When asked of the pleasures they would give up for a week in order to have just one extra day of vacation, 54% of respondents replied they would give up junk food.

48% would give up alcohol, 24% would give up sex and a whopping 42 % would give up social media.

Only 20% said they'd give up the Internet for a week in order to gain an extra day of vacation and just 9% said they'd give up showering.

On a more serious note, 91% of respondents agreed with the statement "Regular vacations are important for general health and wellbeing."

According to survey results, Europeans are given an average of 28 days of vacation, of which they take full advantage, whereas Americans are only given 15 and take 14.

Asia-Pacific workers are given 19 days vacation, of which they take 14.

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