Cheaters most likely to meet for lunch at a cafe on a Thursday

  • AFP
  • Updated: Jun 10, 2015 11:18 IST

See that couple speaking in hushed tones in the corner of the coffee shop during the lunch hour on Thursday? According to extra-marital dating site Ashley Madison, it could very well be a pair of cheaters striking up an affair.

Because in a poll conducted among more than 100,625 members worldwide, the coffee shop was the most popular place for arranging a clandestine first date for 31% of users, followed by a cafe (20%), restaurant or bar (18%), park, (16%), hotel, (11%) and museum or art gallery (4%).

Results of the survey also narrowed down the preferred time and day that cheaters are most likely to conduct their business: Thursday, at lunch.

And the most popular excuse cheaters gave to their spouse or partner when spending time with their mistress or lover?

The age-old 'working late' pretext, followed by going out with a friend.

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