Cyrus's love tip: Many love marriages don't work out, so be sure

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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2015 18:56 IST

A relationship is a laboratory for the soul. It tests you. Again and again. It takes a giant flashlight and forces you to look at the stuff you've hidden away.

So, TV anchor, theatre personality, comedian, political satirist, columnist and author, Cyrus Broacha is here to help you: From navigating relationship trouble to helping your love life go the distance, he's got all the dating advice you'll ever need from your first date to something ...

So, if you like a girl, but don't know how to approach her? Or worse. Have fallen in love with somebody else's girl? Funny man Cyrus comes is here to rescue you as he doles out relationship advice in an unconventional way.

* I am 24 and I’m getting married soon. It’s a love marriage and everything has happened according to my wishes. But, at the same time, I am nervous as I am making my career. So sometimes, I think that I’m too young to get married. My would-be husband is very supportive. How do I deal with these feelings of negativity though? --MK

Hey, hang on! Just because it’s a love marriage doesn’t mean there will be no problems. Many love marriages didn’t really work out, for instance Troilus and Cressida, Mr and Mrs Smith, Shiv Sena and BJP. The point being, there are no guarantees in life, love, politics or hairfall. But if you are going to be negative, then I say stick to politics or hairfall. There is no negativity in love. After all love isn’t a magnet. By the way you are not the only one balancing a career, and marriage at the same time. So keep your feelings to yourself and look at all the great things going your way.

*I got married last year. It was an arranged marriage. Before tying the knot, my husband was very funny and used to tell me that he wanted to spend lot of time with me. But, 10-15 days after the marriage, I found out that he was losing interest in talking to me or discuss anything. Now, he usually doesn’t talk to me. We have sex once or twice a month. I am getting frustrated. Please help. --PJ

P.J. this is surprising news. Your husband started losing interest within 10-15 days of marriage? That’s way above the world average of three days! Well done. Okay, only jesting. About him being funny let me assure you that marriage is known to drain the humour from many couples. No breaking news there. I think you could help reignite his love by doing things he likes doing. You know like playing golf, bubble baths, belching – whatever is his thing. Ponder to him and let him see the effort you are putting. But before going to a therapist, if nothing seems to change, I say write your thoughts down in a letter and mail it to him. Yup mail it to him, even though you are in the same house. That itself would be a good marriage!

*I’ve been in a relationship with my friend’s wife who lives in the neighborhood. We have sex regularly. We go for movies when my friend is on tour and have sex several times. We love each other very much. One day, while having sex, she told me to stop everything between us because she realised that betraying her husband and not being loyal wasn’t good. I can’t live without her and the sex. Please help. --BBD

BBD, she sounds like a sound and sensitive woman! I mean months after starting the affair, she discovers, she’s being disloyal to her husband! And er…. that’s not an accepted practice? You have a two pronged problem, much like the famous Thomson’s Gazelle. Of course the Thomson’s Gazelle’s two pronged problem is the lion and the leopard. Yours is much less dangerous, just love and sex for God’s sake. You must do what Niccolò Machiavelli did when asked by his landlord to pay a higher rent, Niccolò asked himself if the rent justified the means? He then decided, it didn’t and refused to pay the rent ever again. This he did by buying his landlord alive. A practice still present in remote parts of Italy, so you and she need to ask this question that is, if the sex and love you get is worth the betrayal, stress and guilt. Quite simple really.

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