Dads take around 5 months to get the hang of fatherhood

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Sep 06, 2014 19:22 IST

A new study has found that new dads take at least five months to get the hang of fatherhood.

According to the study for Galt Toys, men who are soon to come fathers are caught up in anxiety over whether they are up to the job and often fret about following the mother's strict instructions, and are usually overwhelmed by the basic routine, the Daily Express reported.

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Nearly 70 % of new dads admitted that they knew almost nothing at all about parenting and were clueless about what to expect from the pregnancy and labor.

Also, 40 % confessed that they felt completely lost at times as a new father and 25 percent revealed that they lacked confidence in the changing, bathing and feeding process.

The study has shown that though dads are excited before birth, nearly half of them are also scared and nervous.

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