Danger ahead! 7 reasons why you should not marry an Indian woman

  • Simran Mangharam, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2014 19:06 IST

In a country of 1.2 billion people and with 48.2% of them being women, we know better than to generalise. But, Indian women are absolutely exceptional, and we've listed the top 7 reasons for you not to marry an Indian woman. Even if you happen to be an Indian man.

She's gorgeous. Yes, we've said it. With her kajal and dusky skin and gorgeous hair, it is hard not to get distracted. And, she's going to be better looking than you. Just saying.

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She's too colourful. And by that, we don't mean that she loves Holi or that she just likes colour in her life. She LOVES colour in her life. With everything that she does, her life will never stop being colourful. In the clothes she wears, in the way she does up her home, and in the way she lives her life.

She loves her family. You marry an Indian woman, you marry her family. And, while tradition dictates that she leaves her house when she marries you, she's not really left them behind. Her family is her life.

She's probably stronger than you. We don't mean that in the physical sense, although, of course, there may be some women stronger than you. But, when you've spent almost every hour of your life fighting against a male chauvinistic society; when from the moment you step out of your house, you're fighting a battle; you're battling eve teasers, creeps in public transport, men who think you're a horrible driver just because you're a woman and much more; when you battle all of these every day, you're going to emerge a strong person. One that is definitely stronger and braver than you.

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She's independent. The modern Indian woman is more educated and well-travelled and well-read than her peer from perhaps 30 years ago. You were probably expecting a submissive Indian lady who has no other interest than to stay at home and cook and clean for you.

She's busy building a career. And chances are that she's earning just as much as you are, if not more.

She's passionate. Having grown up on a daily diet of Indian dramas, you'll find that she's passionate beyond a daily recommended dose.

So, there you have it. Don't say that you weren't warned!

Note: Simran Mangharam is the Co-founder of www.floh.in, a platform that connects singles in real-life.

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