Dear landlords, don't ask these awkward questions to single women

  • Priyanka Sahoo, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 15, 2015 03:28 IST
Looking for a flat is a tough task for single working women as they have to tackle awkward personal questions that house owners ask. (Shutterstock)

Dear landlord(s),

I (a single working woman in a big city) have seen many of you in the past couple of months but it never worked out between us.

Let me tell you why.

First things first, I think the term 'landlord' is very passé. Lordship left our country with the British Empire. So, let's settle for house owners, which is what you are.

Yes, I am a single woman living away from family and working odd hours. Does that give you a reason to judge me? You own the flat, not my life! *rolls eyes*

I know you are not even aware that you are reinforcing gender identities defined for women. So here's a reality check.

When you asked me those awkward questions, ever so casually, about my working hours, my drinking and smoking habits and more, here's what I wanted to tell you.

*Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes. No. May be! May be I have a girlfriend! How does it matter? I fail to understand how my relationship status is relevant to our situation here.

* Do you drink or smoke? Yeah I don't mind an occasional glass of wine or may be a drink or two at a party (Yes, I love parties. Judge me all you want!)

* Do you work in night shifts? Wow! I was almost touched by the fact that you cared about my safety. But then you dropped the bomb -- you wouldn't rent your house to us night shifters. Reason- "Your safety will be too much of a concern for us."

* Will you be having guys over, often?
Hey! I am offended. What do you mean by GUYS (plural)? And anyway what is wrong with a few male friends visiting me occasionally? It doesn't really mean I am 'doing it' with everyone, just so you know.

* Do you play loud music?

Well, we have rock concerts at home every night. You can come enjoy sometimes.

* Do you eat meat? That's not allowed here, we are pure vegetarians. me now.gif
I do. So? Do I come across as a non-vegetarian-food-evangelist? Rest assured, I won't force-feed you that juicy chicken tikka or spike your food with fish pickle. *evil grin*

* What is your religion?
Errm.. I don't know! Humanity?

* How old is your brother?
*Impressed* You sly fox! You just want to make sure that I don't sneak a guy into the house and call him my brother.

* We don't rent our house to journalists and lawyers? me.gif
Too risky for you? Guess what! Both these professions are risky and we take pride in our profession.

* You have to be at your best behavior. This establishment houses decent people, and there are families here.

Okay boss! I am totally confused about what best behaviour is. And this is all too much for me. I'm outta here.

Okay enough said. My point is, as long as I keep the house clean and my rent is not over-due, why should you bother about my personal life?

I am ready to make a few compromises, just to please you. In return, couldn't you be nice and just respect my privacy? you.gif

The author tweets as @priyankaa_sahoo

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