Delhi's men more romantic than Mumbaikars: survey

  • IANS, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 17, 2014 17:39 IST

Mumbai might be known as the city where dreams are given life but, according to a recent survey conducted with foreign women, Delhi men are more romantic than their Mumbai counterparts.

Conducted by deodorant brand AXE, the survey's results are based on the opinion of foreign women.

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When asked to rate men from Delhi and Mumbai on traits like etiquette, responsibility and physical features, the respondents seemed to perceive them as almost similar. While 37 percent respondents vouched for the overall impression made by Delhi men, 38 percent respondents were as impressed by men from Mumbai.

On the other hand, 50 percent of them found Delhi men better at romance than their Mumbai counterparts, who got 47 percent votes. As many as 42 percent of the women surveyed found Delhi men to be more confident lovers, compared to 37 percent who voted for men in Mumbai.

The respondents of the AXE Survey weren't too impressed with Mumbai men when it came to maintaining personal hygiene, physical features and their fashion sense, said a statement.

Mumbai's alpha male, however, stands to score with the women with some other impressive traits. The respondents rated them favourably when it came to their affinity towards Indian culture, personality as well as their sense of responsibility and stability.

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The survey, conducted with about 1,100 respondents from the US, Britain, Australia and other countries, comes ahead of an Axe Boat party which is scheduled to happen in Goa later in May 2014.

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