Do you need an app to keep track of your sex life?

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  • Updated: Apr 21, 2014 18:02 IST

Ever wondered how your sex life compares to everyone else's?

A new app that helps you keep track of how much action you're getting and gives you the option of sharing the details with the rest of the world could be just the thing for you.

The latest step in the online sharing trend, Nipple lets users log the most intimate details of their sexual encounters, right down to what position they enjoyed, if any toys came into play and whether they reached orgasm or not.

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Users can rate their experiences and even note down details such as the names and preferences of different partners so they never need to find themselves in awkward situations again.

Those who need quantifiable evidence of their skills can create diagrams monitoring how their own performance in bed evolves over time.

Users can choose to remain anonymous or share the details of their extra-curricular activities with others via social media. The profiles of the three most active public users are published weekly on the website.

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In an aim to encourage people to be more open when talking about sex, users are awarded nipple points for inputting intimate details via the site.
Currently in beta version, Nipple is available as a desktop app, with iOS and Android versions in the pipeline.

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