Does she love you? 8 signs that show she does

  • Divya Makhija, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 19, 2014 18:56 IST

You're with a girl but don't know if she's into you? Well, it's easy to figure out. Just pay attention to her body language and you'll know when to go for the kill.

We're here with some signals that show the girl is into you:

1 If she's ready for a fling with you, she'll lean very close to you as you talk. This is to show that she's interested in listening to what you are saying.

2 She'd lean against something like a wall or a chair while the two of you are talking to each other. She behaves thus to subconsciously show off the curves of her body.

3 Her palms will be wide open if she's into you. Open palms means she's game for letting you in.

4 She'll always have a smile on her face when she is with you, her eyes will twinkle and she'll settle in for a tilted head pose.

5 Keep your eyes open to figure out if she is touching her face, neck and hair more than what is required. She's is doing this to get your attention.

6 She will try to reduce the physical distance or proximity between the two of you. This is to show that she wants to be close to you and is comfortable being in close proximity.

7 She'll laugh at all you jokes, even when they aren't as funny.

8 Is she imitating your moves? For instance, if you are out with her for a coffee, she will pick up the glass and have a sip when you do the same.

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