Ever cheated in love? You'll do well in politics

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Jan 28, 2015 17:03 IST

People who tend to cheat are most suitable for politics than any other profession, claims a new study.

According to psychologist Lucy Redford, cheaters don't feel they would get caught, or even if they do, they think they would be able to walk out of it easily, "which politicians are very good at," the Daily Star reported.

The study reviewed 1,000 cheating people, and found that 235 of them were working in politics. These include head of government departments, parliamentary officials, political representatives, local councillors or senior civil servants.

Meanwhile, other professions only had an average of 110 cheaters.

Claire Page, from extra-marital dating website Illicit Encounters, said that their services were used by many high-profile politicians.

She added that the act is very common these days, and most marriages today were more of a business unions, such as the partnership between former US President Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The list of cheating politicians include Clinton, who had infamously slept with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, former deputy PM John Prescott, who had an affair with one of his secretaries in 2006, and Labour MP David Blunkett, who was caught cheating with publisher Kimberly Quinn in 2004.

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