Find it difficult to say 'I love you'? We tell you how

  • Ankita Ganguli, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 27, 2014 15:34 IST

Got a crush, eh? And you want to tell them that you love them, but you can't. Love is something which can never be expressed in just words.

Want to tell that special someone how much you really like them? Everyone has their own ideas on the 'perfect' way to make the confession. Probably you are feeling nervous about confessing your love to someone, but think about how much better you'll feel once you get your feelings out in the open.

You are sure to find a technique that suits you in this list of five ways to tell someone you love them.

Tip#1: Think like a teenager

If you like taking things hands-on and also going cute, this particular way of confessing is just meant for you. Remember your school years and write a high school style love note saying "I love you. Do you love me?" followed by three check boxes titled yes, no and maybe. Now, you have done what you have to do and wait for the answer with anticipation. Instead of beating about the bush, let's just get down to the brass tacks. Simplicity does wonders.

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Tip#2: Add the magic of humour

Why not add a light sprinkling of humour to your love confession through a creative analogy? Think of something you couldn't live without and then compare it with the one you love. You can make your analogy as silly or as serious as you like and he/she is likely to appreciate the amount of thought you've put into your confession. "You are the cream to my coffee, the choco chip of my ice-cream, the lamb to my farm, and I love you from head to toe."

Tip#3: Look for the perfect location

You can choose a quiet and romantic place where there is just the two of you, if possible. It could be a restaurant for a candle-light dinner and the feeling of romance automatically comes in. Inviting him/her over to your place is also not a bad idea. Cooking a romantic candlelit dinner for your someone special will get the message across too. Create the right ambience and half of the job is done.

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Tip#4: Write it in the sand

To make your expression of love memorable, why not pay a visit to the seaside for a date? You can write a love message in the sand when your loved one isn't looking and when they turn around they'll be in for a surprise. If it all goes wrong, tell them someone else wrote it and still enjoy a glass of wine with your object of affection.

Tip#5: Let a photograph say it all

Dropping the 'L bomb' can be quite nerve-wracking whether you're a hopeless romantic or you have your emotions under control. Sometimes just saying it is the problem. In that case, let your photographs do the talking. Take a photo of you two doing something silly. Attach your other 'special moments' snapshots together with some ribbon or string and you can write a line or two about how you feel for that person and how crazily beautiful the life is when he/she is around. Use your own innovative ideas in the most romantic way to tell the person how much you love them.

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