Five reasons why women prefer 'emotional' men over macho

  • Namita S Kalla, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 22, 2014 13:28 IST

Move away machoism, it's emotional men that most women seek today. While machoism is restricted to crushes, when it comes to a long term relationship, several women would agree that they look for men who can shift from masculinity and embrace their tender side. Here are the five Cs why women prefer the contemporary emotional partner rather than the conservative aggressive male.

1 Compassion
Most conservative men refrain to take up the responsibility of their actions. They find the 'blame-game' a better way to deal with an awkward situation. But the emotional man is compassionate, and tries every bit to shoulder his fault. A compassionate man knows how to deal with a problem and handle a relationship with oneness.

2 Communication
Communicating with your partner is the key to a strong relationship. Neither man nor women are mind readers. While women are too verbal about their issues, conservative men prefer to zip their lip over certain issues. An uncaring, aloof, and distant partner does nothing to fuel a relationship. Thus several strained relationship are due to a man's unwillingness to communicate. If a couple communicates with each other, there are lesser chances of a besetting marriage.

3 Cooperation
Emotional men work in close cooperation with their partners. Despite the fact that men's participation at household work has quadrupled in the last few decades, the progress is yet very slow. The emotional men are the only ones who do not shy away from sharing domestic responsibilities.

4 Considerate
Who wouldn't want a polite and courteous partner. Considerate men not only understand their partners better but also know how to compliment their partner in a better manner and when to ignore petty issues. From lending a hand in household chores to showering compliments when needed, and ignoring trivial issues that lead to unnecessary fights, an emotional man never fails to show consideration.

5 Compromise
One of the fewer things that men do, or are expected to do, in a relationship, is to compromise. It is either their conservative upbringing or the notorious male ego, that refrains men from compromising in a relationship. But an emotional man turns out to be flexible when a certain situations arrive. Such men believe in equality, and not superiority, of genders and thus prioritise situations and not their own self.

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