Get a grip: Three ways to develop trust in a relationship

  • Simran Mangharam, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 29, 2015 14:43 IST

How do you develop trust in a relationship especially if your last one ended badly? It is possible, and for that to happen, you must allow yourself to have faith in the other person for you cannot base your past experiences to colour and cloud your judgement with your current experience.

That being said, you can learn from your past mistakes. Here are three ways to develop trust in a relationship:

1) They make and follow through with plans: If your significant other has made a plan, they follow through with it. They are dependable, and generally don't have a tendency to do a last-minute flake out. They stick to their word, unless there's an emergency. Similarly, when you make a plan with them, they show up, and don't make excuses.

2) They are not sketchy: When you ask them questions or enquire about their day, they are not sketchy or vague. They are open about how they spent their day. They don't get defensive or annoyed when you ask for clarifications. They ask you for your opinion on something that's important to them, and give you an honest observation of a situation when you ask them for their opinion.

3)Listen to your intuition: Rely on your intuition, sixth sense or gut instinct to guide you and make sound judgements. Often we make the mistake of not listening to it, and we suffer later. Your intuition often senses thing before we can logically and emotionally make sense of it. Learn to trust it, and trust it always. It will never let you down, and can be an effective tool in saving your relationship.

Simran Mangharam is an expert on relationships and co-founder of , a curated network that helps singles find a life partner.

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