Happy Mother's Day: 10 DIY ideas to make mommy dearest feel special

  • Bhumika Sharma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 08, 2015 18:13 IST

Remember the last time you saw that hint of a smile on your mother's face just because you surprised her with your thoughtfulness? If you don't, make amends this Mother's Day: It's time you made her feel special just as she does every day, unconditionally.

And if you don't know how, we tell you how to take babysteps here: 10 do-it-yourself ideas that to make your supermom feel exclusive and exceptional on this day.


1 Take an old photo frame and paint it in colours she loves. You could also write a personal message on a handmade paper and use the frame. Believe us, she'll love it.


2 You could show your 'expertise' on an old coffee mug and paint it differenlty? Once done, you could insert chocolate bars, biscuits, instant coffee packets and little love cards. Enough to make her go hmmm!


3 Want to keep it simple and fun? Then draw a card for her. Make it fun by adding fancy elements like pretty ribbons and glittery stones. This will look cute and fancy at the same time. Sometimes, simplicity works magic!


4 If you are a good cook, try this. Try some home-made recipes that will give a special touch to add extra love to the moment. Make a pudding or a small cake.


5 Talk of pampering her, you could take her to the nearby spa. Too far from home and mommy not willing to go anywhere? Do it at home by making a sweet smelling citrus-sugar scrub and by treating her with a massage.


6 Surprise her with morning wallpaper; display it just behind her bed wall. Make a cut-out in a heart shape with a personalized note. She will wake up to a best surprise ever!


7 If she understands fashion, make her a personalised neck-piece with using some raw stuff available at home. You can make a beautiful button necklace with a stone in the centre.


8 You can make use of unused bottles and jars and paint it with a new tint. Fit your family photographs or photos of you two. Present it in her bedroom. Sounds good? It’s a lovely idea. Try it!


9 If you're in a mood to create something really fancy for your mom, settle for this super cute pendant with double thumbprints of you and your mom. Easy-to-make and high on emotion, this pendant will make her smile, we assure you. All you need is: two cups flour, one cup salt, cold water. Mix until it has the consistency of play dough. Bake at 250 degree for two hours, then cool and paint. Interesting, right?


10 Now, for all the lazybones out there, here's one really easy peasy (it can't get easier than this, trust us!) idea to bring home some Mother's Day cheer. And if you love taking pictures, this one's a dream: Take pretty pictures of yourself and your siblings holding placards saying “Happy Mother’s Day” and surprise the woman of the hour. She will love you even more for this.

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