Hate traffic jams and parking frenzies? Here are the 15 most annoying things

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2014 17:13 IST

A new survey has revealed the top 50 reasons of why people get annoyed which also includes traffic jams and difficulty to get parking spots.

According to the survey that approached 2,000 British adults showed that people who fail to say thank you, rude sales assistants, cold callers were some of the common reasons to get annoyed, the Daily Express reported.

Freezing computers/ laptops topped the list, PPI calls came close second whereas slow Wi-Fi secured the third spot.

Being stuck in traffic and people who took up two parking spaces were listed as the next reasons to get annoyed.

A spokesman for Nurofen Express, which commissioned the research, said that despite technology being designed to make their lives easier, 55% of those surveyed feel that life was more stressful now than it was ten years ago.

The survey also found people get their head in a tizzy when it comes to losing the TV remote, buying a property or cyclists on the roads.

Getting stuck behind a tractor, cyclists on the road, paying bills, speed cameras, motorcyclists weaving in and out of the traffic were some of the other points listed down by the survey.

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