Here’s how you can avoid being ‘ghosted’ in your relationship

  • Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Feb 07, 2016 15:47 IST
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Imagine you meet someone interesting and you go on a couple of dates with the person. But, after some time, when you try to get in touch with a person to meet again there is no response to your calls or texts. The person just vanishes as if he/she never existed in the first place.

If you’ve landed in such a situation, you just got ghosted. Ghosting is a term used in the dating world to describe a situation where one of the partners in the relationship decides to leave it without even informing the other partner. Psychologist Pulkit Sharma says, “Most people ghost as they find it easier to avoid giving an explanation to their partner as to why they want to break up. Getting into an argument with your partner about whether to break up or not can get tiring.”

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The rise of online dating apps have also made it easier for a person to move on from partner to another quickly. Kunal Pruthi, 29, a businessman, says, “At times people get into a relationship half-heartedly because they don’t want to be alone. And at the same time they will still look for someone better to be with. And once they find that person they ghost on the person they are currently with.” A relationship requires effort and maintenance from both the partners.

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Relationship expert Jai Madan says, “At times people are too lazy to make an effort in a relationship and once they get bored of the relationship, they prefer to ghost because they don’t want to tell their partner that they are bored. Once the thrill of a new relationship is gone, people prefer to ghost as it’s easier than breaking up.”

Here are three signs you need to watch out for to prevent being ghosted:

1. If your partner suddenly decides to ignore your phone calls and messages, then chances are that he/she is planning on ditching you.


He’s not there, only messages that he won’t be there.

2. If he/she cancels every plan you make to meet.


Totally deems you ‘undateable’.

3. Most people avoid the direct approach of telling their partner that they are losing interest and take the indirect approach. They start by ignoring every conversation they have with you to slowly removing you from their Facebook account ... eventually cutting off all contact with you.


Track their social media accounts, there are always hints.

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