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Hey girl, are you date-worthy?

sex-and-relationships Updated: May 18, 2011 10:56 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
Hindustan Times
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Confused why Mr Right drifts apart from you just when you were hoping he is about to pop the question? Do you sound even a tad like these universally dreaded women listed below, who lose their date-worthiness due to their irritating habits? Read on and see if it is time for change.

Miss Baggage
She tells you it’s all over between her and her ex, you saw her cleanse her cell, mail box, house of everything that could remind her of him. You gave her enough time and a shoulder to cry on until it ached. You were confident she’s completely gotten over her past when you proposed. And yet, she can’t help diving back into her past, if only to talk about how hurt she felt when he fractured his knee. Your irritation and doubt is understandable when she repeatedly turns gloomy listening to a sad romantic number. “In her mind, she is comparing you with her ex. The relationship will sustain only if you are better that than guy,” says Madan.

WomenThe Manly gal

She thinks it’s cool to act like a guy, use nasty abuses, and mocks women who seem ‘ladylike’. She makes sure she never lets you carry her luggage, open a door for her, pay her bills or pull a chair. If you suggest you want to come along as she leaves for a late night assignment, she tells you it’s an outdated idea. There’s nothing wrong if a woman is utterly independent, but don’t complain if romance feels like a deflated tyre. "She is dominating by nature and will be happy with someone effeminate, who would always tow her line," says Dr Vohra.

The High Maintenance Babe
Her self-worth doubles in her own eyes with each Gucci, Prada and D&G that comes under her possession. She gives you a disgusted look if you ever take her to Mc Donalds as only fancy restaurants in the fanciest five star hotels make her happy. Pray for your safety if you happen to suggest a quick bread omelet from a roadside dhaba. Her swooning over your NRI friend’s Lamborghini is capable of making your loyal Honda City feel like a khatara auto. “Luxury is her weakness. She won’t mind graduating to someone with a fatter bank account,” says relationship expert Jai Madan.

The crybaby
Boss pointing out her folly, neighbour’s cat eloping with a stray tomcat or a joke that wasn’t meant to target her, signal her tear glands to get into action. And if you thought it was a trivial matter to cry upon, you are branded insensitive. “Such women need to grow up mentally. Take the plunge if you are willing to play ‘Daddy’ all your life,” says psychiatrist Dr Sandeep Vohra.

The perennial ranter
Her mission in life is to crib and argue about everything that’s unfair. She rants with unrelenting enthusiasm and loves to thrust her views on others. It’s true that corruption, filth, rapists, red tapism etc etc ail our nation, but is it any good talking about it non-stop all the time? You may have happily accompanied her to the Anna Hazare demos but tell us, how would you feel if you discovered she is thinking about the Jaitapur agitation while you’re making love? “She is looking for a perfect world. Meeting her parameters may be tough,” says Dr Vohra.