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  • Updated: Nov 25, 2014 15:10 IST

Going all out with the heady spirits on the weekends and the subsequent drunken texts taking a toll on you? Let your smartphone come to your rescue! We are all for drinking responsibly, but it is better to take precautions to save yourself from an embarrassing morning-after post your drunken night out! Go ahead, download our picks of these cool apps to stave off the ‘drunk-dialler’s shame’.

Drunk Locker

This free app for Android users comes to the rescue by preventing social media while you’re out partying and getting drunk. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, the Drunk Locker claims to block six social media and asks you to pass a sobriety test before you can access these sites, thus, helping ‘save reputations.’

Drunk mode

Available for free on iTunes and Android markets, this app specialises in preventing alcohol-induced embarrassing calls to your girlfriend’s mom, your boss and the likes. It also helps you search for your sloshed friend at a party. through the “Find My Drunk” feature and a “Breadcrumbs” feature that tracks where the user goes during the course of the night. Updates allowing you to hitch a cab ride, GPS tracking and more are in the offing.

Stupid Phonecalls Blocker

Bad at mathematics? Use it to your advantage. The app Stupid Phonecalls Blocker creates a blacklist of people you can avoid calling or getting calls from. To make sure you don’t get to make those calls easily, the app will ask you to solve a random mathematical equation.

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