Home office to dining space: Your bed now goes beyond just sex and sleep

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  • Updated: Aug 04, 2014 16:40 IST

If we go by sleep experts, mattresses should be used for just two things - sleep and sex.

But the reality is that consumers have turned their mattresses into home offices, music dens, TV stations and even dining rooms.

Also, many people use smartphones, tablets and computers in their beds even late in the night.

According to a study, 21 percent of Millennials - people who reached young adulthood around the year 2000 - and Baby Boomers - people born after the second world war between 1946-64 - report eating in bed once a week or more.

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"Millennials are having more sex on mattresses - once a week or more for 81 percent of respondents than 75 percent Gen Xers (people born after 1964 till the 70's)," said a report in North Carolina-based Furniture Today magazine.

A total 61 percent of baby boomers report having sex in bed once a week or more.

The study suggests that companies need to present the mattress as much more than just a sleeping surface. Adjustable beds are the future.

"These enable consumers to customise their positions in bed, lifting the head for computer work, TV watching and reading, and perhaps elevating the feet to take some stress off the back," the report added.

Moreover, pillows give consumers a chance to create a custom comfort zone for their activity of the moment, the report concluded.

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