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How to be a better friend

sex-and-relationships Updated: Mar 11, 2014 18:15 IST
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At times, we just let our friendships slide because work, life or money starts taking precedence. All those 'best friends forever' promises lapse because we just don't have time. With these five simple steps, you can ensure that you don't fall off the friend-o-meter. After all, friends are as import as family when it comes to your support network, as reported in

Who are you real friends?
Definitely not the hundreds that populate your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Go by that old axiom, a friend in need is a friend in deed. You can probably count them on your fingers - they are the ones who take your distress calls at 3 am, who understand you - sometime better than you yourself do and will be there when you need them.
And what about your Facebook friends - they are good for the ego boost but that's about it.

Be there for them
Never returned the call of your friend who is living in another city now? Did not respond to your friend's invite of meeting up this weekend? Well, you need to step up your act now. Call your friends once in a while and make it a point to responding to invites. It doesn't matter if your answer is yes or no, your response means you care.

Stay in touch
Liking your friend's picture is not what we are talking about here. Instead, fish out your mobile phone and call him/her. For many of us, out of sight means out of mind, which sets the friendship up for failure. Whether your friend is in the city or living across the globe, a phone call says you care.

If meeting every week is not possible to you, explain it to your friend. In the same way, if meeting at home is a problem, explain why you would choose a coffee shop for your weekly get-togethers. You are friends after all, the people you want to communicate with?

Take the lead
It's imperative that one friend always takes the lead in the relationship - the one who sets up meetings, calls first and always makes the first move. Time you change that. Step up and initiate here and there so it's not just your friend doing it.