How to break-up like an actual adult: 8 dos and don’ts

  • Rhea Daulet-Singh and Arjun Sangha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 11, 2016 01:27 IST

Your fights are heated. You find yourself longing for alone time.

Relationships can be difficult to endure, and there are times that they can end in heartbreak.

However, when and if it ends, it is important to try and leave things on a good note.

So, how do you break-up without making someone miserable - or making them hate you forever? Just keep these dos and don’ts of breaking-up in mind.

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The do’s...

1 Be honest with yourself and your partner: It’s better to accept that you just aren’t happy in the relationship anymore than avoiding it.

2 Be active: Use your time well by spending it with friends or making an extra effort at work. Keeping yourself busy is the key to getting over a breakup fast.

3 Embrace your sadness: Although it may be tempting to suppress your feelings, it doesn’t help in the long run. Feel the pain and let it go.

4 Take help from family and friends: They’re there to make you feel better! Talk to your loved ones and discuss your feelings. Even just a fun day or night out with them can help take your mind off of things.

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The don’ts...

1 Don’t break-up over the phone: This often leads to miscommunication and creates an extremely messy situation. Marriage counselor Dr. Maneesh Gupta corroborates with this by saying, “When one realizes that they no longer feel emotionally connected to their partner, they should be firm on the break-up and not be tempted to fix things as that is often futile. This should always be done face to face.”

2 Don’t run right back to them. This is a recipe for disaster as this leads to a toxic cycle of break-up s and make ups, and lets be honest, that’s just not worth anybody’s time.

3 Alcohol is never the answer. Let’s be honest, it just soothes the pain only for a little but after a while the headaches kick in and the emotional trauma restarts.

4 Cut off all the negativity in your life: When you’re going through a difficult time emotionally, any negativity is highly unnecessary and should be avoided at all costs.

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