I wish I was four again: 'stressed' five-year-old on juggling his three girlfriends

  • Agencies, London
  • Updated: May 27, 2014 14:13 IST

An adorable five-year-old is stressed because he has too many girlfriends. The budding casanova has three girlfriends and wishes to be four again, because he is too strained juggling his time between them.

The troubled kid was filmed talking about his woes on YouTube and having to ditch one of his three female admirers.

The mother of the kid reportedly filmed the entire conversation where he's batting his dilemma about having three girlfriends, and is certain that he can only have two girls in his life. But cannot decide which two to keep because "they're all pretty"!

And when asked by his mother why he can't have three girlfriends, he replies: "I could have two - but I don't want three."

Now watch him talk about his dilemma:

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