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In love with your childhood buddy?

Many friends have told me about how their friends have proposed to them and they got embarassed, but I have to confess that it was the reverse for me. Priya Rajendran shares her account...

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 03, 2009 15:52 IST
Priya Rajendran

Many friends have told me about how their friends have proposed to them and they got embarassed, but I have to confess that it was the reverse case for me: I was in love with my childhood friend and wanted to propose to him.

Even today, I still remember that 'moment' and day when I realised I was in love with my best buddy. We were a gang of five people who did the craziest things possible - hangout on Marine Drive after college hours and crooning away to glory on the walkway till Taj Westend, crashing into a disc when only 'couples' were allowed, nursing each other's 'wounds' when any of our crushes dated someone else! Nostalgia still floods me whenever I drive down that particular memory lane. I often feel that 'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na' is a replica of my own life and it was like reliving it while watching the flick almost a decade after my college life! The same thing happened - I fell in love with my 'gang member'.

So, should'nt it have been a secure feeling to know that you love your childhood friend? Someone who has shared your ups and downs, pulled you out of the depths of despair and put you on Cloud Nine too...And the day, I realised that I was in love, very naturally, I confided in my friend. Her maiden reaction was - "Wow! I am excited" and in the next moment, we simultaneously reacted: "No ways"! The reason being - how can you fall in love with your childhood buddy!

Insane as it sounded, in our own juvenile way, we decided to trash the whole thing - helping me 'overcome' rather ignore the feeling. We even promised each other not to mention this to anyone in the gang and then partied that night.

However, love is not something that goes away that easily. You meet that person day in and day out. I simply could not stop blushing the moment he would come too. But somehow, I never mustered courage to tell him. Life goes on - as they say - in a cliched manner. Sometime later, I changed cities and went for higher studies. I lost touch with him too. Last year, I managed to catch up with him and we still remember the good ol' days that we spent together.

Almost a decade later, when I look back, I laugh and cherish that feeling. But at the same time, somewhere in the deep recesses of my heart, I still regret why I did not tell him. But you never know when life takes a sudden U-turn. And all the same, I still have hopes left. So all you guys and girls out there, take a risk and tell your best friend if you love him or her. You never know what might happen next...