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Is your man a cheater?

Does your partner get angry at the drop of a hat? Is he hiding things from you? Get smarter and start checking for the following signs, and cross your fingers that you don’t end up agreeing to all or of them.

sex and relationships Updated: Apr 11, 2010 01:07 IST

Cheating partnerIf you relate to not just one, two or three but all the following pointers, chances are high that your partner is cheating on you.

He has suddenly started coming late at night; headaches have become a common complaint every time you mention lovemaking; he’s been hiding his phone, and every time it rings, he goes out of the room to speak... Get smarter and start checking for the following signs, and cross your fingers that you don’t end up agreeing to all or most of them.

Behaviour change: As his wife, you understand your husband really well. Look for changes like: is he taking particular care in grooming himself, puts more perfume, starts shopping frequently (which earlier he wasn’t giving much attention to) and start buying girlie stuff on the pretext of getting it for a friend’s wife or colleague. Also, has he suddenly started having lots of late night office parties or started staying out till late to complete office work?

Cell phone becomes his best friend: His hand phone has suddenly become his best pal. It is there everywhere with him — in the balcony, washroom, even while taking a shower. He sneaks out not for every call but some calls, which he refuses to make in your presence.

Secret account for sending love mails to the new one: Sets up a new email account and you were not aware of it.

Finances: He is still earning the same and the expenses are the same but money being saved becomes less. If he has a lover, he would want to dine out with her and buy her stuff. Keep a count of his spending (credit card bills or bank accounts) .

Moody: He is touchier around you, gets angry at a drop of the hat, and looks for small reasons to pick a fight.

Of course, not all of these signs always mean that your husband is cheating on you. The poor guy might just really be having some trouble in office or some other financial problem you are not aware off. Try talking to him before you jump to any conclusions. Build a strong case with evidence to corner him or you might just end up being labelled as a wife who doesn’t trust her husband.