Is your man a love-cheat? Check his shoe size

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Oct 15, 2014 13:24 IST

A new study has revealed that guys with a shoe size of 10 or more is likely to be unfaithful compared to those with smaller size.

According to the study by Illicit Encounters, the larger a guy's feet, the more likely he is to have an affair and that the most faithful men have a shoe size between a seven and a nine while the most adulterous have a ten or larger, the Daily Star reported.

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Mike Taylor from Illicit Encounters said that while some men would argue that there is no relationship between the size of their feet and any other body part, it seems there is a strong correlation between the men who come on the site looking for an affair and the size of their loafers.

The results of the study ties up with famous cheats who are also known to have larger feet, such as Bill Clinton who is a size 12, the largest of any President since Abraham Lincoln.

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