Laugh out loud: Men prefer women who laugh at their jokes

  • PTI, Washington
  • Updated: Mar 12, 2015 19:17 IST

Men prefer women who laugh at their jokes, rather than women who are funny themselves, according to a new study. The study at the University of Miami supports previous
research which found that men prefer women who are receptive to their jokes, while women like men who make them laugh.

Researchers found that men viewed humour receptivity as a necessity and humour production as a luxury when they were asked to create an ideal long-term partner. For women, it was just the opposite, the study found.

"Women want it all -- not just a mate who will make them laugh, but one who will appreciate her own humour," researchers were quoted as saying by ''. "Men, by contrast, appear to care more about finding a mate who thinks he's funny," researchers said.

"Our data confirms that what is meant by a 'preference for humour' differs fundamentally between men and women," they said.

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