Loving yourself to realising truth about BFFs: 7 things you learn in your 30s

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  • Updated: Nov 17, 2014 17:45 IST

Your 30s are a time when you learn from your 20s, and it is an amazing period of anyone's life. Here are 7 things we've learned about entering and living in our 30s.

1 You don't have to have it all figured out
When you were younger, you thought that by the time you reached 30, you would have figured out everything you want to do in life. You will soon learn that you will not have everything figured out, and that's completely okay. Some people were lucky enough to figure things out early in their lives, but most people are still clueless. And, it's fine. There's still plenty of time.

2 You have a bigger bank balance
Perhaps the most fun thing is that you no longer have to live from salary to salary. You actually have some savings. You're even thinking of investing! This big bad world of finance is exhilarating and extremely rewarding.

3 BFFs don't exist, but lasting and fulfilling friendships do
Friendships are a bit different than they were in your 20s. Some of the people you thought you would be best friends with for the rest of your life are now no longer in your life. That's okay. You've got a core group of friends that you are comfortable with and they may or may not last into the next decade. But, you're having fun and creating memories with them now.

4 You stop taking your family for granted
When you were younger, you always assumed that your immediate family would be there for you, no matter what. Now, you know for certain that they will be, and you value your relationships with them more. Getting to know your siblings and your parents as an adult is an extremely fulfilling experience.

5 Fitness plays an important part in your life
You may have scoffed at exercise and eating right with your younger metabolic rate. But, in your thirties, you take it really seriously. Being fit, active, and eating right not only contributes to a healthy and longer life, but it's also important to our self-esteem and the way we carry ourselves.

6 You've barely travelled the world
You thought that you were well travelled, but you suddenly realise that there's so much left to be discovered. Now that you've seen some success at work, and with money and life, you want to express yourself. And, traveling is a beautiful form of expression. And, it's the little things that matter - Where you choose to go, whom you choose to go with, how you choose to travel.

7 You've learned to love yourself
Insecurity and doubt will probably never go away. But, you're settling into the person you're meant to be, and you're a lot more accepting of that person and have even started to love that person.

The thirties is an incredibly fun and exciting decade. Make the most of it!

Siddharth Mangharam is the co-founder of www.floh.in , a platform that connects singles in real-life.

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