Men’s four standard texting ways revealed!

  • ANI, Melbourne
  • Updated: Jun 24, 2014 16:40 IST

Men don’t know how to text, according to writer and life coach Jeff Wilser. Wilser says that men don’t use tools such as emoticons, which can lighten the tone and change a sarcastic text into a playful one.


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Following are few ways men text, according to Wilser:

1The Tweener: They are afraid of sounding abrupt and overcompensate by throwing in LOL and OMG.

2The Shouter:One who texts ‘see you soon’ and ‘sounds great’ repeatedly.

3The Sexter:Sample texts, says Wilser, include ‘What are you wearing’. This guy reveals too much too soon and is borderline creepy.

4The Gusher: This guy often thinks his life is more interesting than it actually is, and bombards the recipient with texts that go on forever.

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