Not in the mood: One in ten new mothers avoids sex

  • IANS, London
  • Updated: Jul 25, 2014 18:52 IST

Have you rejected love-making calls from your hubby after childbirth? Take heart as you have not committed a sin.

A survey by non-profit British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has revealed that some women wait for at least six months after childbirth before they start to have sex again.

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Some 13 percent of mothers - about one in eight - said they want to avoid sex for some time post pregnancy.

Nearly 45 percent said they felt uncomfortable about their body after having a baby.

"The main barriers which stop women from resuming sex are pain and exhaustion. But there are body image anxieties too," the survey comprising 1,350 British mothers added.

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Significantly, 23 percent mothers said they resumed sex within six weeks after giving birth.

"There is no set time to start having sex again after a baby. The woman should feel right for it with access to the contraception best suited for them," said Clare Murphy, director of external affairs at BPAS.

"Sexual health needs of new mothers are diverse and we need to find innovative ways to support them," Murphy added.

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