Now, betrayal goes digital with smartphones

  • Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 07, 2015 13:53 IST

Is your partner and his or her smartphone in a committed relationship? Or is their social networking addiction taking a toll on your relationship? While you seldom see people without their mobiles, experts say that this may not bode well for your relationship.

A study by an online shopping site revealed that 38% of people under 25 who are in a relationship have spied on their partner's digital messages. The study also showed that only 10% of those who snooped got the goods, while the others were left feeling sheepish. So, before you lay your hands on your partner's phone, here are some tips to spot a digital cheater:

*Lost in translation: When your partner is laughing or pondering over a text and yet, not making any effort to let you in, it creates friction. And if they make no effort to not shut you out, their attentions may lie somewhere else.

*Putting up defenses: The guilt usually forces a cheater into being defensive. They may avoid discussions about how much time is spent on the phone and may even nitpick your online habits.

*Tick-tock texting: If your partner receives texts at all times of the day, including late in the night, it may do you well to confront the situation.

*Smart possession: Unnecessary secrecy or mad possessiveness about their phone or laptops is another giveaway.

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