Now, nail polish to help women 'detect date drug'

  • AFP
  • Updated: Aug 26, 2014 19:27 IST

The only better source of girl power than an attack Chihuahua to ward off fishy acquaintances would be none other than drug-detecting nail polish. A subtle stir with a finger can detect whether the drink brought over by a stranger at a party is safe.

Undercover Colors, as it's called, is clear when applied, but changes to a red upon being dipped into a drink spiked with Rohypnol GHB and even Xanax.

It's the invention of four students at North Carolina State University with a knack for chemistry and concerned about reducing sexual assault.

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Among the highlights of their funding so far is an individual contribution of $100,000 and $6,500 received for winning first place in the Lulu eGames, a competition jointly sponsored by NC State's Entrepreneurship Initiative and, a publishing company.

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