One in six women would skip sex for a bite of their favourite cake!

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Oct 06, 2014 18:42 IST

A news survey has revealed that one in six women would prefer having their favourite cake instead of going between the sheets.

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The British survey revealed that women would give up wine and 13% would stop using their mobile if it was the only way to tuck into their favorite treat, the Daily Star reported.

Claire Harrison-Church, category business unit director for Mr Kipling, which carried out the survey, said that cake was one of the things that the nation simply could not live without, even if it was just a little treat every now and then.

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According to the survey one in eight workers had tried buttering up their bosses with cake and 11% of men had attempted to win over a partner with a slice, compared to 7% of women.

The poll approached 2,000 people on the occasion of National Cake Week.

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