Pearls of witdom: 5 smart sentences you must never say on your first date

  • Sanya Kaushik, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Oct 16, 2014 16:59 IST

It's your first date with a new guy/girl. You'll spend a considerable amount of time finding the perfect outfit, applying and reapplying make-up till it's spot on, searching for the cologne/aftershave that is the right combination of subtle and strong. While a put-together appearance makes a good first impression, there's a lot more that goes into having a good first date. If you're nervous, you're likely to talk your date's ear off which, in the long run, could be problematic.

Here are a few things that you should never talk about on your first date:

1 'I'm so broke/loaded'
Most people find it awkward to talk about money in social situations. Your date may find it off-putting if you start talking about how much your house and the Mercedes you drive cost, or how you're 3 months late on your rent because you don't have a steady job. In fact, it might be a good idea to never bring up money unless absolutely necessary.

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2 'I'm still in love with my ex'
Since this is only your first date, he/she doesn't need to know about your past relationships. You're only testing the water. If you keep making references to your ex ("oh, my ex loved mushroom ravioli as well!"), your date will invariably get the impression that you're still hung up on them and decide not to ask you out again. Says 21-year-old Niyati Shah from Delhi: "I made the mistake of telling this guy that I had just been dumped by my ex. He was really quiet for the rest of the date and never called me back."

3 'I can't wait to get married & have kids!'
This is about as taboo as a sentence gets for first dates. You've just met this person. Telling them you're on the prowl for a long term committment when they don't even know you properly is going to effectively put an end to any sort of future you could've had with them.

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4 'My life sucks/I'm having an existential crisis'
Keep the negativity out of the conversation. Focus on the more positive aspects of your life and personality. No one wants to spend an evening listening to a person's pessimistic ravings. Having a good sense of humor is key to a successful first date. Mumbai's Aakash Chopra, 24, says he has suffered it first-hand. Says he, "I was having a really bad day at work and went for a date right after. I hadn't really meant to tell her about it but it just came out. I must have pratted on for 15-20 minutes about my incompetent colleagues and awful boss. I think that really put her off because she refused to go out with me after that."

5 'Can you keep a secret?'
You might want to refrain from divulging your most intimate secrets to your date. You just met him/her. Until you know you can trust them, let the skeletons in your closet rest as they do.

Many people think that by not telling their dates things like these is equivalent to lying to them. But it's not. Here's what you need to remember on your first date with a potential SO: omit, don't edit.

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