Reverse feminism? 'Men want women to contribute to household expenses'

  • IANS, New Delhi
  • Updated: Feb 10, 2015 00:59 IST

Single Indian men, on the lookout for a life partner, feel women must play a fair part in contributing to household expenditure, reveals a new survey by online matchmaking service

The survey was conducted online with 6,500 responses from single Indians in the age group of 25 to 34 years, to understand the expectations of single Indians. As many as 3,538 men participated in the survey, as against 2,962 women.

When single Indian men were asked "If women should contribute to the household expenditure", 39.6% men said "Yes", while, 48.3% of those surveyed said "It's up to the woman if she wants to contribute or not", and 12.1% said that "Woman's contribution is not required if the husband is earning".

When single Indian women were asked the same question, 49.7% said "Yes", while 42.4% said "If required, women may contribute" and 7.9% said "No, they shouldn't".

The survey also attempted to understand the mindset of today's generation.

When single Indian men were asked "If they are okay staying at home and their wife working to support the family", 43.5% men said that "They are fine with it". The idea is "unacceptable" to 21.3% of the men while 35.2% said "May be, if it doesn't create ego clash".

On being asked the same, 59.5% of the women surveyed said "May be, depending on the situation", while 30.4% said "Yes, they are fine with their husband staying at home" but 10.1% found the idea "unacceptable".

"The survey gives us an interesting insight into how the Indian mindset is changing over generations. We at have always believed in equality of the genders and we are glad to learn that Indian youth believe in the same," Gourav Rakshit, chief operating officer,, said in a statement.

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