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Seven signs of a cheating boyfriend

sex and relationships Updated: Apr 21, 2013 03:28 IST
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A woman can tell if a guy is likely to cheat or will be honest in a relationship merely by looking at his face, says a new study. The researchers say that women have natural skills to judge a man’s fidelity. But that may not be the case always, as women often do not get a single clue that the guy is two-timing and find themselves crest-fallen after the discovery. Here are the 7 top tell-tale signs of an infidel boyfriend that can prepare you to face the worst. But it doesn’t mean that the slightest change in your boyfriend’s behaviouds should send alarm bells ringing. Do not hastily jump to conclusions, and trust your gut feeling, which never betrays you, and hints at the truth.

He acts moody and distant: His behaviour becomes unpredictable. One moment he is happy and suddenly he becomes cold and distant. He is happy when he is about to leave but is quite in his girlfriend's company.

He gets caught in whatever he says: A man who is cheating his partner often fumbles while telling her about his whereabouts. When he lies, you can figure out his nervousness. He often forgets what he said earlier, and ends up telling conflicting stories.

He suddenly becomes extra-caring: A cheating boyfriend becomes very caring and thoughtful all of a sudden. He showers his girlfriend with gifts without any reason. The guy is actually feeling guilty deep down, and is trying to make up for his act of disloyalty.

He keeps a guard on his phone: The guy tries to keep his phone away from the girlfriend's reach. His phone is usually on silent. His message boxes are empty as he keeps deleting the messages that he receives or sends.

His taste changes: He suddenly develops new tastes in music, clothes, books, movies and food. He also starts grooming himself like never before.

He avoids talking about the future: He does not like talking about the future of the relationship, and if the girlfriend persists and asks for commitment, he gets infuriated.