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Sex and the city

I am a 37-year-old divorced woman interested in a man who is a widower with a child. Will we have a good sex life? Do you have a smilar query? Read on to know better.

sex and relationships Updated: Dec 04, 2013 19:05 IST

I surf the Internet regularly to read about sex. I came across a few articles that highlighted the use of testosterone for satisfying sex. Is it to be used in all cases?
Take the information on the Internet with a pinch of salt. All articles need to be authenticated before you accept their results. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Lower levels of this hormone are known to cause a reduction in the individual’s sex drive. The development of pubertal growth as well as the secondary sexual characters is also related to the levels of testosterone.

In individuals with lower levels of testosterone,injecting the hormone may increase the sexual drive. In normal individuals, this injection may have no effect. In fact, repeated injections may cause more harm. Avoid self-medication please.

I am a 37-year-old divorced woman interested in a man who is a widower with a child. Will we have a good sex life?
Stop making castles in thin air. Find out whether the feelings are mutual. There should be no problems with your sex life. If a man is sexually active with one partner, theoretically he’s compatible with any other partner. As he has fathered a child, it can be safely assumed that he is sexually normal. However, there are reports of case specific impotence.

Remember that his past has no direct bearing on your present sexual relationship. I would suggest you visit the doctor to overcome your sexual prejudices.

My neighbour is a mother of two children. We both are physically attracted towards each other. Her husband travels a lot. She claims she underwent an operation so that she cannot conceive again. But I feel nervous about catching the HIV virus. Will oral sex cause AIDS?
I assume that she is talking about tubectomy, which is a permanent method of contraception offered to females who no longer wish to have children. If you are apprehensive, avoid this affair. Unprotected sexual intercourse with an unknown partner is the biggest risk factor for the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Talk to your family doctor or visit an integrated counselling and treatment centre at the nearest hospital. Transmission of HIV is theoretically possible with wet kissing too. Multiple cuts in the oral cavity may serve as an easy passage for the virus. Saliva does contain the HIV virus. Please insist on using a condom. On a lighter note, do not get caught by her husband or the physical consequences can be severe.

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