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Sex & the city

sex-and-relationships Updated: Nov 27, 2013 17:49 IST

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My friend recently delivered a boy. The baby has only one testicle. My friend is scared as the doctor wants the baby to undergo an operation. Isn’t one testicle enough to meet one’s sexual needs?
Your friend needs to rely more on the doctor than on your medical expertise. Let the surgeon search for the missing organ. During
the embryonic stage, the testes develop in the abdomen and gradually descend downwards. The process is usually completed by birth. If the testes remain in the abdominal cavity, they may become a cause for concern. The undescended testes may not function properly and may lead to several infections. The chances of cancer also increases.

Is it true that the pain one experiences during sex is a psychological problem? I just turned 24 and I am apprehensive towards sex because of the pain factor.
Technically, pain during sex is called dyspareunia. In most cases, the problem is psychological. There are no fixed rules. Organic causes like trauma, infection and inflammations need to be ruled out. The fear of unwanted pregnancy or fear of getting caught during the act may also lead to pain. Use of an anaesthetic gel like Lignocaine 2 prior to the intercourse may help in smoother penetration. The local anaesthetic serves as a good pain reliever and may also act as a lubricant.

I had sex with my distant aunt. We enjoyed the act, but does that mean that I am not a virgin anymore? I am 22-years-old. What should I do to regain my virginity?
This kind of a relationship is called incest. I generally advise people to avoid such sexual encounters. The term virgin is used
for a person, whether male or female, who has never indulged in any form of sexual intercourse. As you have already had sex, you
have lost your virginity. Stop worrying about the loss. Virginity cannot be restored. You need to be more concerned about your uncle finding out about your sexual preferences. Remember that the chances of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases after unprotected sexual intercourse are too high to be ignored. Use a condom for your subsequent sessions.

What is a condom made of? Is wearing a condom compulsory while having sex?
A condom is a popular barrier method of contraception. It is usually made of latex rubber and is worn on the erect penis, prior to the sexual act. In addition to reducing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, it also brings down the chances of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. A minority of couples may not feel comfortable with the act of putting on the condom as it interferes with the
sexual experience. Allergies to the latex rubber have also been reported.

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