Social media crush to same-sex crush: What’s your crush type?

  • Ankita Rawat, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 26, 2015 17:23 IST

We all have had a crush on someone in our lives and, in fact, we will continue to crush over someone or the other in future. That ­irresistible feeling of being with someone, never mind if it’s possible or not, it’s a crush, means it’s short-lived and is supposed to leave us feeling crushed! But you have to admit, it does make you feel ‘oh-so-alive!’.


The book hero crush

Don’t you deny it, we all have had our ‘Mr Darcy, Mr Grey’ moment! They are fictional characters and we very well know that they don’t exist but when the book ends there’s a void in our life! We do enjoy the fact that these literary heroes are only a ­figment of our imagination and that also gives it an ­exclusivity tag. Win win!


Forbidden crush

All of us have had a crush on our teachers, best friend’s boyfriend, super bosses... But really, there’s nothing that you can do about it as it’s a crush that’s forbidden. Though, occasionally, you may dream a thing or two about it, it remains a ­forbidden crush.


The bubble crush

This kind of a crush happens when people find someone strikingly attractive at first sight and then fantasize every small detail with them without even knowing their name. The bubble, however, bursts as soon as you approach them and they utter their first word. Nevermind!


Celebrity crush

We all have celebrity crushes be it George Clooney or Ranbir Kapoor or Beatles or Sofia Vergara. Their posters and memorabilia adorn our rooms. Remember how in school, we used to get so mad at our classmates for ­having the crush on the same celeb. Our ­innocence ­ceases to end ‘cause some of us suffer from heart aches when the celeb gets engaged or married. That just crushes us. No, really!


Social media crush

This type of crush is basically facilitated by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You stalk them, scan their every status, Like, picture, event and what not. You stalk their friends, their friend’s friends… Basically you stalk them till you know even their pet’s birthday. The social media crush ­generally dies with a single status message that says “In a relationship with XYZ”. Game over!


Coffee shop crush

Okay, so you remember that guy at the coffee shop? You always bump into him – at the gym, in the mall, in the parking lot, in the metro… he is like everywhere! You’ve never gone more than a humble ‘hi’ with him but he is the sunshine of your day.


Same sex crush

We all have had that moment when we had a mad crush on someone from the same sex. Men will not accept it but sure they too have a man crush on someone… James Franco? No? Okay, ah, Jack Black! Okay whatever, we’ll leave that to you!

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